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What do prospective students with special needs ought to know when selecting a study programme?

The University has the same requirements for all its students – whether they be intact or have special needs. This is why you need to, while selecting the right programme for you, consider not only what you would like to focus on in the future and your career options after graduation, but also whether there may occur a requirement while you study which you will not be able to meet due to your disability or disadvantage.


Where to find information about the University?

You can find out more about studying at UP Olomouc at:

  • the University website www.upol.cz/en, section “Study at UP”;
  • the Open Day, which the faculties hold once or twice a year. The first Day is in November or December and the other in January.
  • Another option to gather information about studying at university is Gaudeamus, the European higher education and lifelong learning exhibition presenting the faculties and universities throughout the Czech Republic;
  • you can find information about lifelong learning through the Lifelong Learning Portal on the UP main page and on the website of each faculty, section for prospective student;
  • yet another option is the UP Facebook, where you can meet a large number of students and find a lot of information from your peer group. You can also check out YouTube;
  • or get in touch with co-ordinators to ask them specific questions.



Applications are submitted online. Electronic applications are available at https://prihlaska.upol.cz/prihlaska. Please specify the type of disorder you have so that the University is able to ensure that the admission procedure runs as smoothly as possible. In order for you to receive the support services, you will need to submit appropriate evidence of your disability, disadvantage or disorder. The evidence must not be more than two years old.


When do the admission tests take place and in what form?

Admissions are held at the faculties (mostly) from April to July. If your application indicates you have special needs, in which case you are requesting admission adjustments to your special needs, you will be contacted by one of the Centre co-ordinators (depending on the type of specific disorder) in order to determine the nature and extent of your special need and propose modified admission.

The co-ordinator is obliged to propose an adjustment which would deviate from the standard procedure to the minimum degree possible, so that the form of the admission test meets your capacities and, at the same time, ensures equal conditions to those applied to prospective students without special needs.

In addition to your aptitude to study the programme of your choice, the co-ordinator tests the degree to which you are able to use standard technologies to overcome specific barriers (compensation aids, computer technology, sign language, tactile writing system, etc.).


Admission adaptation

The following services are provided for those with special needs: 

  • sign language interpreter;
  • reading/writing assistant;
  • extended time for the written test or practical exam;
  • adequate format of tasks (enlarged or colour-adapted font, electronic form, electronic form with voice output, Braille, text adjustments: graphic form of text; method of marking correct answers, etc.);
  • use of special aids (optical or electronic magnifiers, voice or tactile output communication aids);
  • unified tests replaced by an individual exam or a small group exam;
  • permission to walk and stretch during the exam; monitor your health; drink or eat during the exam.


The Centre is able to provide an escort for those with visual impairment or mobility, if necessary.



The Support Centre for Students with Special Needs

PhDr. Lucia Pastieriková, Ph.D.

+420 585 635 323


Faculty of Education UP
Žižkovo Sq. 5
771 40 Olomouc

Faculty of Physical Culture UP
Tř. Míru 117
771 11 Olomouc

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