Barrier-free university

How barrier-free is the University?

The buildings of Palacký University vary in accessibility from the architectural perspective. As most of the faculties are housed in several buildings, some buildings are completely barrier-free and some of them not at all or partially.

Barrier-free premises are the new buildings of the Faculty of Science (Tř. 17. listopadu St), Faculty of Physical Culture (Tř. Míru St), Faculty of Law (Tř. 17. listopadu St), Cyril and Methodius Theological Faculty (Univerzitní St), and Faculty of Education (Žižkovo Sq and Univerzitní St).

The Faculty of Arts, the Faculty of Medicine, and the Faculty of Health Sciences are partly accessible.

The problem is the poor accessibility of the Armoury, which houses the Computer Centre, the Gallery, the University library, the Lifelong Learning Centre, and the office issuing student or employee registration cards.

Some faculties are located in historic buildings, which are not completely barrier-free. We are fully aware of the barriers, and it is our long-term goal to make all the University premises accessible.


The Support Centre for Students with Special Needs

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