The Support Centre for Students with Special Needs

The university facility provides comprehensive expert counselling, technical and therapeutic services to special needs students enrolled in one of the eight faculties of Palacký University. The Centre currently provides support for over two hundred students with special needs.

The Support Centre for Students with Special Needs was founded in 1996 as the Disability Assistance Centre at the Department of Special Education (now Institute of Special Education Studies), Faculty of Education, Palacký University Olomouc.

Support – what type and for whom?

The Centre primarily serves the following clients

prospective students, full-time and part-time students, and participants in lifelong learning programmes with specific needs across all faculties

teaching and non-teaching staff of Palacký University Olomouc

secondary school teachers interested in educational options for students with specific needs

intact students, who may use the services of the Centre in counselling and training in the approaches to people with special needs

What do we provide?

Our goal is to improve the studying conditions for students with special needs and to mitigate any study-related difficulties. We try to provide the following services:

  • assistants ensuring lecture and seminar transcripts/notes;

  • simultaneous transcript;

  • assistants helping to navigate architectonic barriers;

  • guides;

  • spatial orientation practice;

  • reading services;

  • pedagogical services;

  • adaptation of study materials (text digitization, Braille translation, enlarging tests and texts);

  • time adjustments;

  • help with drafting the Individualized Education Program (IEP);

  • individual lessons;

  • STAG training and initial study instructions;

  • aid rental;

  • diagnosis of specific learning disabilities;

  • speech therapy intervention;

  • speech therapy report;

  • interpreters of sign language and/or sign Czech, and oral interpreting;

  • admission test consultation

  • consultations with students, classmates or family;

  • consultations for university educators and other university staff;

  • declaration of an opinion of the Centre (recommendation);

We are here just for you


The Support Centre for Students with Special Needs

PhDr. Lucia Pastieriková, Ph.D.

+420 585 635 323


Faculty of Education UP
Žižkovo Sq. 5
771 40 Olomouc

Faculty of Physical Culture UP
Tř. Míru 117
771 11 Olomouc

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