Who do we support?

  • Students with visual impairment where the defect enables visual work (with texts) with common document formats, including visual documents.
  • Students with visual impairments who work either with documents printed in a tactile writing system or with screen readers (in combination with a tactile display or voice output).
  • Hearing impaired students – spoken language users.
  • Hearing impaired students – sign language users.
  • Students with reduced mobility – lower extremity impairment.
  • Students with reduced mobility – upper extremity impairment.
  • Students with chronic somatic illness – a persistent disease (e.g. metabolic, oncologic, cardiovascular disease) associated with functional impacts on the everyday life of the student.
  • Students with neuro-developmental/autism spectrum disorder, including Asperger syndrome.
  • Students with developmental learning disabilities (dyslexia, dysgraphia, dysortography, dyscalculia) and students with acquired reading and writing disorders.
  • Students with another mental disorder or illness,
  • Students with impaired communication skills.

What support do students with special needs receive?

  • Time adjustment
  • Individual lessons
  • Organizational measures (classroom/exam room adjustment, timetable adjustment, modification of the study group size, furniture adjustment etc.
  • Personal assistance
    • study-related guide services,
    • reading services;
    • editing/stylistic services
  • Practise of spatial orientation and independence
  • Recording and transcription services
  • Study support
    • Specific skill practise
    • Sport assistance
  • Interpreting
    • Sign language interpreting
    • Oral interpreting
  • Study material adaptation
    • digitization and electronic conversion of texts,
    • conversion of printed text to Braille,
    • transcription of audio recordings of lectures and seminars,
    • text enlargement,
    • embossment of study materials, development of embossed graphics.
  • Counselling
    • counselling regarding the admission procedure and selection of study programme,
    • consultations with tutors and other staff of UP Olomouc,
    • consultations with the families of prospective UP students,
    • help with pressing study-related problems.
  • Diagnosis
    • Diagnosis of impaired communication skills
    • Diagnosis of specific learning disabilities
  • Training – initial instructions to study and STAG training
  • Methodological support of tutors
    • help with drafting individualized education programs,
    • methodological assistance with adapted study texts and curriculum concept.
  • Material and technical resources
    • loans of compensatory optical, acoustic, and tactile aids including computer-based aids (computers featuring voice output or magnifying SW, Newton-Dictate, ClaroRead, a variety of magnifiers, Picht typewriter, white stick, etc.)

What are the conditions for support for students with special needs?

Taking advantage of the Centre is voluntary. It is entirely at your discretion whether you use any of the support options provided throughout your studies.

If you become a client, all activities are co-ordinated by the relevant Centre co-ordinator, who will accommodate your special needs and strive to ensure equal opportunities and maximum learning comfort with an emphasis on the individual needs of each client.

The Centre provides its services free of charge (excluding self-help and leisure activities).


The Support Centre for Students with Special Needs

PhDr. Lucia Pastieriková, Ph.D.

+420 585 635 323


Faculty of Education UP
Žižkovo Sq. 5
771 40 Olomouc

Faculty of Physical Culture UP
Tř. Míru 117
771 11 Olomouc

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